Joomla & Wordpress Sites

Want to update your site yourself? With some time and even just a little computer know-how you can!
Standard HTML sites typically are updated by your webmaster or require that you have software or HTML editing knowledge. There’s a multitude of different platforms available for making it easier to keep your site maintained. Some more user friendly than others. 
There are some hosted solutions that use proprietary software and may have monthly fees associated with them. A drawback, in addition to the monthly fees, is that if you ever want to move your site, you can’t take it with you.  Most don;t even include email services.
Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Joomla are run on your web hosting server and enable you to manage site updates yourself. Both of these systems are community supported so you don’t pay for the software. Once we have completed the site development and your site is launched the only recurring fees you have are for web hosting and your domain name renewal. And because it’s run on your hosting account it can be moved to another server. 
As a bonus, if you want us to manage the site for you, a CMS site has much lower fees for edits and upgrades because of the ease of use.

This site is built on Joomla and as you can see it’s not just for blogging anymore.