Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting free organic search engine rankings in the top 10 of all major search engines is what every website strives to do. However, this is the holy grail of Search Engine Optimization. Pleasing all engines, on all pages, for all keyword phrases is just short of impossible, especially if you have a very competitive business.  What we recommend, is staying with a couple of very important keyword phrases, geo targeted to your specific area. This will allow optimizing your site with usually very good results. We cannot "guarantee" ranking results.

During our web development, we will optimize your site for the keyword phrases that you select as part of our development costs.  After we complete your website, we will submit the site to all major search engines. After 30 days we will send you an initial report of what your rankings are for the keywords that you selected.

Keep in mind: All search engines have different amounts of time that it takes to rank your site, from a couple of weeks to several months. If you have a new domain name, sometimes it will take even longer!  If you would like to have monthly, quarterly or yearly reports of where your sites is ranking on the major engines, we can setup a schedule and email your reports directly to you. Pricing varies with how many keyword phrases you would like to search and how often you want to get a report. Contact us for details.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

First Choice Publishing, LLC does not offer SEM, per se.  We can suggest different marketing stradegies that have worked for other clients. Such as Pay Per Click Advertising, which is especially useful for new domain names waiting for their organic search results, Facebook business pages, Twitter, etc.  We can even help setup some of these for an additional fee. Contact us for details