What type of site will you be needing?

  • CMS Joomla Website - with CMS, you or your staff can update pages anytime via a web browser. If you can type an email, you can update your site. So if you want a blog, or if you frequently have news to share with your client base, this is the right choice for you. The benefit is that you do not have to pay the design firm for updating content! There are many configurations for Joomla sites, from bare bones to e-commerce. Because Joomla is modular, you can add to it as your budget or needs allow. Joomla sites start at $400. This includes hosting and a custom design! See Samples of Joomla Sites Here
  • HTML Based Website- this is the standard everyday Website. Updates will need to be made by First Choice Publishing, unless you are familiar with html/css/php/javascript, etc. HTML Based Websites start at $600. See Samples of HTML-based Websites Here
  • E-Commerce - Want to sell your product or service online?  First Choice Publishing can setup your cart to work with either a CMS or HTML based website. Cost of setup will vary according to your specific needs.
  • Database Application - need to have your Web visitors sort through your database? We can do that. Cost of setup will vary according to your specific needs.

What to expect:

  • Consultation  - We will discuss your business needs and develop a plan of action. This will include going over how many pages your site needs, design concepts, discussing what you already have, and what you will need to supply, timing of project, etc.
  • Graphic Design or Implementation- We can help you create a logo or corporate image, or implement the logo/image you already have. If you have supplied photos for use on your website, we will make sure they are optimized for web viewing and make minor adjustments when necessary. If you need product photos, we can take care of that for you. If you are located in the Houston area, we can pick up the products or take photos on-site. If you are located elsewhere, the products would need to be shipped to us for photography.
  • Time Line- Time to completion varies greatly. For some simple sites it may take a few days, complex sites with a great deal of content may take several weeks. Having your content well organized, in digital format (ie, word documents, pdfs, digital photos, etc) will help make the process go as quickly as possible. We will discuss timing needs and issues during our consultation.

Search Engine Optimization and Submission Services

Our Web design clients get optimization and one submission (to all major search engines) included in their web design at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Further submissions, and ranking reports can be obtained for an additional charge.

Contact us today for your no-obligation price quote!